your business
after the lockdown

your business
after the lockdown

Activate Urban Sports Club-FitogramPro connection
and get multiple benefits for you and your customers:

More bookings and using the full potential of your studio

Online booking system
Smart efficient way to offer your classes – with the online booking tool you are there for your customers 24/7.

Use your full capacity
Studios offering instant bookings through the app are more appealing to members and get more bookings.

Instant bookings and easy check-in
for your customers

Instant bookings
Customers can instantly book a course with just a few clicks, no need to call or email a studio.

Save time during check-in
Members will be able to check themselves in quickly through the QR-Code.

Easier planning for you

Have the control over your schedule
You can cancel, reschedule or create new classes on the spot. The changes are displayed on the Urban Sports Club App instantly.

Be able to plan

You will know how many Urban Sports Club Member will attend the class and who of your own member will attend. 

Save time
Customers can check themselves in through the QR-Code. You will see checked-in members as attending and mark the no-shows.

Easier planning for your customers

A spot in your class is guaranteed
No need for the members to arrive earlier to the class. Their spot is booked and guaranteed.

Effortless booking without contacting studio

Many members don’t go to a studio where you have to call or send an email to in advance to book a spot, you won’t have this issue.

After a binding booking, the member is more likely to attend the class otherwise he/she has to pay a no-show fee to Urban Sports Club.

Reactivate your studio
after the lockdown

Quickly adjust your schedule
Fitogram assures that the switch between online live classes and offline classes at the studio can be managed fast.

Ensure safety
for your customers

Healthy fill of the class
Use the booking tool to limit the amount of spots and avoid overbooking the studio

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