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Create your personal discount code.

Share your code with your friends and colleagues.

They will receive 50% off for 3 months when they purchase a FitogramPro package.*

If your code is used, you will receive a credit of 125 € on your upcoming FitogramPro payments.**

*This discount is one-time and valid for new upgrades only. Already active packages are excluded from the discount.
**If you are using FitogramPro for free, you now have the option to choose one of our packages and use your €125 credit when paying.

Frequently asked questions

Can the code be used immediately?

No. The activation of the code can take up to 2 business days.

Who can use my code?

The code is valid only for studios that sign up for FitogramPro for the first time and purchase an upgrade (S/M/L).

How many studios can benefit from my code?

The number of studios that can buy an upgrade with your code is unlimited. However, they must meet the requirements listed above.

When and how will I receive the €125 credit?

We regularly check to see if anyone has used your code to purchase an upgrade. Each time this happens, we will notify you personally and issue you the €125 credit on your upcoming FitogramPro payments.

Can I create multiple codes?

No. You can only create a code and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Get 125 € credit!

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