Our features at a glance

Online-Booking and Course management.

fitogramPRO enables your clients to book online. 24/7 and from everywhere. Sell credit passes and memberships through your personalized e-commerce shop. Manage your classes, courses and memberships. Save time and increase your turn-over.

Client and course management

What’s Tom’s cancellation policy? How many people have signed up to my course tonight? fitogramPRO has the answers to all your questions.

Payments and Accounting

Revenues and invoices in one place. You will love doing your taxes.

Statistics and Reporting

What’s our bestseller? How frequent do people come? fitogramPRO has the right insights for your business.

All our features at a glance








Open courses
Closed courses
Waiting list implementation
Multiple trainers


Booking Page
Individual Course Calendar
Facebook Integration
Memberships, Credit passes and Workshops
Memberships, Credit passes and Workshops
Memberships, Credit passes and Workshops

Marketplace and Application

Android App
iOS App
fitogram Profile

Reporting and Statistics

Revenue Reports
Booking Reports
Google Analytics Integration
Employee Reports
Attendance Analysis
Online Shop
Online Shop
Online Shop and Booking Widget
Online Shop and Booking Widget
Online Shop and Booking Widget
Online Shop and Booking Widget

Accounting and Fulfillment

Cash Payments
Cash Book


Admin Access
Employee Access
Trainer Access
Max. Accesses
Max. 4
Max. 10

Point of Sales and Cash Register

Cash register
Point of sales

Customer Support

Customer Support
Integration Support
E-Mail & Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to change software. Can I import my data with you?

Of course. We are experienced in importing client data. We will get in touch and work closely with you in order to guarantee a smooth transition.

I have a question. How do I contact you?

We well do an introduction about all features and possibilities of our software. We're there for you – via E-Mail and Phone. Our hours are weekdays from 9am to 6pm. Do you have a question? Send us an Email or simply call us: 0221/222 014 07

Can I test fitogramPRO?

Yes, you can! Just request a Demo and we'll be in touch with you as as possible. Request your Demo here!

Is my data secure?

Absolutely yes! Privacy is our highest priority. That is why we work with the most modern technologies. Your data is securely saved on german servers that fulfill highest european privacy standards.

Do you setup the software for me?

Yes! If you like, we setup the software for you – including data import, course creation and website-integration.

What happens with my data?

Our data privacy policy is strict, we do not pass information to third parties. For more detailed information, consult our Terms and Conditions or just ask us!

More questions? Give us a call