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The Corona Pandemic has a firm grip on us and our way of life. The number of infections can increase at any time and resulting in risk areas. Too high…

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The Corona Pandemic has a firm grip on us and our way of life. The number of infections can increase at any time and resulting in risk areas. Too high infection rates can lead to restrictions in public life. This can also affect you and your studio. Since you don’t want your studio to suffer from it, you can prevent it with the help of online courses. This gives both you and your students more flexibility, there are no limits on the number of participants in the courses and safety is the top priority.

We want to show you how you can offer and run an online course with FitogramPro in just a few steps!

1. Create a course in FitogramPro

First you need to create a new course in your FitogramPro account. If you don’t have a FitogramPro account yet, sign-up here – it’s free! While creating a new class, you don’t have to add ‘Online’ or ‘remote’ in the course name, this will be indicated by your stream. Important: The field ‘Location’ should be specified as usual – your studio locations address.  We also recommend indicating that it is a virtual course by answering to the question in the screenshot with yes. This makes reporting for you easier later. To make it easier for your customers, describe how the course is going to happen and how they can join you. Also, there is no maximum limit of participants!

2. Set up your online payments

If you have not yet activated your online payments, you should definitely do so for your online courses. In the settings under Accounting you can select the automated payment methods that your customers could use to pay for your course. Whether credit or girocard, you can choose whatever is most convenient for you and your business. Your customers will be automatically guided through the purchase process. Tip: to avoid confusion, you may also add a note in the event description that only online payments will be accepted for this event.

3. Share your online course

Once your course & payments are set up, it’s time to share it with the world! Thanks to a direct synchronization, your recently created event will be automatically displayed in your course calendar. Share it how you like it – on your website or on social media, your customers can access your calendar from anywhere and book your online course directly. If you have not yet shared your booking tool, you can find the link or code in the settings under Online course calendar. There you can easily create a link and share it on social networks or even integrate your calendar on your website. Done? Great! Let’s wait for your first bookings! 

4. Create a course with a video service

Now it’s time to choose the service you will use to stream your class. There are so many providers online – you are free to research and choose the one that suits your needs best. We have found Skype and Zoom to be the best and easiest to use and we have prepared short instructions on how to set them up. We will update this post as soon as we find other video services that may be helpful in this process. If you are interested in using Skype or Zoom, click below to see detailed instructions on the setup:

Are you unsure which streaming service would be the best for you? We have prepared a short comparison of Skype and Zoom to help you with your decision:

5. Who has participated and who has paid? 

Before you put on your sports clothes and set up your camera, make sure to first create a list of your participants. To do so, find your course in FitogramPro. There, you will immediately see a list of all booked participants and indicator whether they have paid. By clicking on “Options” you can choose “Copy email addresses”. The email addresses of all participants who have booked your courses will be saved. You can directly copy them into the mail you send later with the link to your course or put them in a separate table so save them. But first, you need the link to your streaming! Please be aware of sending a blind copy to your participants, otherwise all mail addresses will be visible to each participants.

NEW! UPDATE 22.03.2020: SHARE YOUR STREAMING LINK AUTOMATICALLY WITH ALL PARTICIPANTS. Good news – You no longer have to send the link to your customers manually: we have added new functionality that will share your streaming link with booked participants 15 minutes before the class starts. Remember: Insert the streaming link in the check-in area of ​​the event at least 30 minutes before the start of the online course. This link will be automatically sent to your customers by email. They can also dial into your live stream via your online course calendar.  Read more in this article.

6. Equipment check

Make sure the quality of your video is excellent. The most important aspect of successful live streaming is a stable internet connection. Also, you should test and decide whether you want to use your computer’s webcam and microphone, or if you need additional equipment. We recommend using an additional camera and microphone so that your customers can see and hear you well. 

7. Run your course

If you haven’t done it before, it can feel a little strange to run a course alone, in front of the camera. But don’t get discouraged! Try to adjust your course in a way that doesn’t require too much equipment – not all of your customers may have dumbells or TRX at home. You should also make sure that you structure the workout simply and explain the exercises step by step, so that your customers can easily understand and follow them at home. 

8. Mark your customers as present

After holding your online course, you should mark your customers as present in FitogramPro, (see the screenshot below). Go back to the calendar section, click on the event you have just held. You will be able to see the list of the people who booked your online class and the details of the product that they bought. If they have booked the class through Urban Sports Club, this will be indicated.

You now have to compare the list of attendees of the online event to the ones in FitogramPro. Click on check-in and you are good to go! The presence has been successfully registered. 

If you are already an Urban Sports Club partner, you do not have to worry about managing the bookings – thanks to the native integration between FitogramPro and Urban Sports Club app, you will receive the bookings directly in the dashboard.

Such an integration will allow you to activate the increasingly popular instant booking button. Some of its benefits are:

  • – An Urban Sports Club user can book only if there are still seats available 
  • – You do not have to waste time to confirm the availability by phone 
  • – You will see directly in the dashboard which customer books with Urban Sports Club membership 

When you send out the link via FitogramPro as an Urban Sports Club users your customers will be checked in automatically once they have clicked on the link. 

Updated 23.03.2020

10 helpful tips & tricks for successful online courses

After a lot of successful online courses in the last fews days our customers have shared a lot of useful tips and insights for successful live streaming. Visit us also on our Instagram page and find out who is offering online courses. We have summarized all tips for successul streaming for you:

1. Make sure the last booking can be done 1 hour or 30 minutes before the course to have enough time to send the participants the link to the stream with all important information regarding your class: have a look at the booking’s details in this article to set it up! 

2. If you can, welcome everyone with their names to make it more personal and to check attendance simultaneously

3. Ask all to mute themselves beforehand (in the invitation email or at the beginning of the course)

4. It may be going without saying but your participants can do the exercises better when they see someone doing it. If you are only doing the instructions without showing you can ask someone to volunteer for your online class. 

5. Don’t ignore your participants! You can view and help/correct your participants during longer exercises where they don’t need new instructions for a time. Therefore tell them that they need to do the exercises in their video frame and not outside. 

6. If you have the possibility, ask a colleague or co-trainer to monitor the chat while you perform exercises. This way someone will monitor questions without you stopping the course. 

7. Create a public music playlist that you can share with your customers (you can use Spotify for example)

8. Add a final five minutes recap to collect some feedback: it’s a new concept, maybe you can improve some things

9. If you have social media accounts ask your participants to post mentions in their stories – this may bring you some new customers! 

10. It is pretty easy to scale the number of participants online, think about creating a trial lesson product and advertise a bit this new training chance on your social media

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