The perfect price for online courses

What is the right price for an online course?

11 steps to make your studio future-proof

The sports industry is one of the most affected by the global pandemic of covid-19. Take on these 11 steps to design a future-proof sport studio.

New feature: Zoom integration

Live online classes have become the top choice for staying fit during the pandemic. Right now, sport is more important than ever! Quite a few people work in the home office, so their personal space coincides with the workplace, the daily commute to work is omitted and there are no social contacts. Exercise not only […]

Tips to bring your online course to the next level

After many successful online courses, our customers shared some useful tips and tricks for successful live-streaming. There are few things that can improve your online courses tremendously! In this article, we have summarized the most important hacks & pieces of advice for you! 1. Good structure is the key  Before starting your course you should […]

How to promote your online courses

Do you think that acquiring new customers for online courses is harder than for courses in your studio? Definitely not!

Tips for your successful online studio

If you want to run online classes you need a space to perform your exercises. The set up is very important for the overall experience. We have the most important tips for you regarding setting up your perfect online studio. Decoration, location or equipment – we cover every topic so that you can start immediately […]

Set up your online course with FitogramPro in 8 steps

The Corona Pandemic has a firm grip on us and our way of life. The number of infections can increase at any time and resulting in risk areas. Too high infection rates can lead to restrictions in public life. This can also affect you and your studio. Since you don’t want your studio to suffer […]