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Tips to bring your online course on the next level

After many successful online courses, our customers shared some useful tips and tricks for successful live-streaming. There are few things that can improve your online courses tremendously! In this article, we have summarized the most important hacks & pieces of advice for you! 1. Good structure is the key  Before starting your course you should […]

How to fill your online courses

Do you think that acquiring new customers for online courses is harder than for courses in your studio? Definitely not! The perfect way to win new customers for online classes is – of course – online! You speak to your target audience directly where they are – online. Just think about it. It is much […]

The perfect price for online courses

What is the right price for online classes? Let’s be honest –  online courses can’t really replace a face-to-face session. Nevertheless, online courses are a great substitute and opportunity to stay in touch with your customers at the moment. Because of that, you should rethink your offer and adapt prices to new circumstances. In this […]

Tips for your successful online studio

If you want to run online classes you need a space to perform your exercises. The set up is very important for the overall experience. We have the most important tips for you regarding setting up your perfect online studio. Decoration, location or equipment – we cover every topic so that you can start immediately […]

Set up your online course with FitogramPro in 8 steps

After a very successful January, you may find it hard to keep the attendance rate as high as at the beginning of the year. And there may be many reasons for that – lack of motivation to keep up with the New Year’s resolutions or typical flu and cold waves. It seems like this year […]